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Sample Covering Letter

Accompanying CV Cover Letter - Sample

Your contact details (address/e-mail) Addressee:

  • If "Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs and name" then end the letter with "Yours sincerely,"
  • If "Dear Sir/Madam" then end the letter with "Yours faithfully,"
  • Address - use in full with postcode
  1. 1Always say what the job is and where you saw the job advertised and briefly why you are applying either as a Heading or at the start of your Introductory Paragraph As a heading: "Ref:Accounts Assistant advertised in The Financial Times dated 01 June 2014" or in your Introductory Paragraph:" I am writing to apply for the role of... advertised in... dated..." Then draw attention to 2-3 key selling points in your CV in this paragraph which relate to the role advertised - Example: I am particularly interested in working for your organisation as you stress the importance of working well in a team as well as providing excellent service to your clients. As you can see from my CV, I have proven interpersonal and team skills, having worked successfully part time for the past 3 years as a retail assistant for (Company name), whilst participating positively as a member of the sales team OR, My CV will also show I have gained excellent communication and interpretive skills, best demonstrated by my ability to both work and study successfully here in the UK, in another culture and language. In addition, I enjoy working with others and have regularly participated in team sports including being an active member of the Barkingside Basketball team.
  2. 2Show that you have researched their website and if possible use a key quote or quotes, for example I see that you offer (2 main services) from your website and I feel that my qualifications and (specific) experience offer (company name) the skills required to suit this job role.
  3. 3Optional: If you would like something taken into account, express it here, for example: Whilst your advertisement for the post states that relevant experience is preferred, I have been a successful student who is quick and eager to learn and have an aptitude for numeracy and attention to detail.
  4. 4Concluding paragraph Thank you for taking the time to consider my application and if you require any further information please contact me on (phone number) or (email address)

Include if necessary

Please note I will be on holiday and unavailable from (State dates)Yours faithfully, / Yours sincerely, Your full name (Middle names not necessary)